mmm… Hamburgers!

I don’t understand people who get so excited over “grilling season” when the weather warms up. Um, hello?! Every season is grilling season at our house! My husband might balk at tending the grill on one of Calgary’s ridiculous -30 degree days, but for the most part, he’s out back all year round.

Our favourite thing to make on the grill is hamburgers. We make all of our burgers by hands using the Tupperware hamburger press, then use them fresh or freeze for future use.

Worried about making homemade burgers? Don’t be! It’s super easy. You can find great tips from Gav Martell at Yummy Mummy Club for making and cooking homemade burgers. He also has a few ideas for toppings – he likes the Jamaican Jerk Burger with sweet pineapple-bbq sauce, jerk aioli and scotch bonnet peppers and the Mediterranean Burger with cumin-spiced beef and harissa sauce, just to name a few.

Canadian Beef asked me to write about my Burger Personality. They know I’m always concerned with affordability, and what’s more affordable than cooking with real ingredients at home, rather than eating out?

My burger personality is easy – cheese please! I love a homemade burger nestled into a thin bun or even a pita and topped with yummy cheeses. Feta, basil and tomato? Oh yeah. Goat cheese and roasted red peppers? Yum! Bocconcini (dashed with salt) and pesto? Divine. But my personal favourite? Brie and homemade jalapeño jelly. Sooooo good!

A kilogram of top quality, extra-lean Canadian Beef in Calgary costs around $5. That makes four top quality, filler-free homemade burger patties. That’s pretty comparable to even the cheapest pre-made patty, and definitely much healthy and tastier. And of course, it’s far less expensive that eating out at a fast food or gourmet hamburger joint.