Q1. The weather is starting to change,  are you and your vehicle ready?  #CanadasGarage

Your vehicle gets you where you and your family need to go. Take good care of your vehicle so it can take care of you. #CanadasGarage

Maintaining your vehicle’s fluids is a vital component of maximizing your vehicle’s life. #CanadasGarage

Summer heat destroys batteries, weakening them before winter. Check your battery’s health before winter hits. #CanadasGarage

Proper alignment helps avoid handling issues in tough driving conditions. Check your alignment to ensure control and safety.  #CanadasGarage

Check your suspension and chassis components so you get maximum safety and control out of your  tires. #CanadasGarage

Change your cabin filter to protect your family from airborne dust and dirt that builds up in your vehicle. #CanadasGarage