Q2. How do you prepare your vehicle for winter? #CanadasGarage

Maximize your visibility by installing winter wiper blades to help prevent snow and ice build up. #CanadasGarage

Reflex Ice Wiper Blades help prevent snow and ice build up and offer ultimate performance in extreme weather up to -40°C.

Confidently remove snow and ice by purchasing a snow brush that won’t scratch or damage your vehicle. #CanadasGarage

Have you seen the new Garant scratch-free snow brush. It has all the brush action without the bristles. #CanadasGarage

Change your headlights to give you better visibility. Select from Yellow, White, Whiter or Whitest Lights. #CanadasGarage

Ensure visibility by topping up your windshield washer fluid and keep an extra in the trunk so your are not caught without. #CanadasGarage