Always reaffirms ongoing efforts to empower girls and women through product donations to organizations supporting asylum seekers, as well as to colleges, in the Toronto area

Procter & Gamble’s leading feminine protection brand, Always, is donating period products to various organizations in Toronto to confront period poverty as part of their ongoing puberty education program. The brand is supporting the City of Toronto’s shelter system currently welcoming asylum seekers, to help improve access to menstrual care, and collaborating with Centennial College and IGNITE, the student […]

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Proud to say that I play sports #LikeAGirl

I play sports #likeagirl. I said it. I am not ashamed to say it but rather proud to say it. I played organized sports for most of my youth and all the way up to university. I enjoyed playing all kinds of sports like gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, soccer, track and field, and swimming. I was even on the girls football team in grade 7. There was no football league for girls. We were the only female team in the city. We practised and we played one game against the boys football team. Thank you to Mr. Coombs for taking the time to coach us!

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