Father’s Day is this weekend and many of us have dad’s who love a great piece of meat. A Canadian Beef steak is sure to impress your meat loving dad.  Think, there are many options on how you are going to cook that perfect steak to impress dear old dad.

We are sharing just a few recipes from around the globe that we thought just might impress him.


*source Canadian Beef

1.   Asian Grilled Beef Steak– use a marinating steak to make this super easy recipe on the grill.

2. Barcelona Beef Steak with Spanish Couscous Salad-love a deep flavour  then this is the recipe you want to try.

3. Moroccan Rubbed Beef Steak– Explore some of the flavours of the world with this rub.

4. Jamaican Jump Up Marinated Beef Steak -this recipe will make you jump!

Whichever recipe you decide to try your father is sure to be impressed by your steak cooking abilities. Need any tips on cooking steak you can always watch this video. 

Time to heat up the grill, and decide which Canadian beef recipe you are going to try.