Adult Essentials Brand Ambassador from Shes Connected

This is my 2nd post as an Adult Essentials Brand Ambassador from Shes Connected.

I am relatively happy with my body and health. I am not overweight (although I am not in perfect shape either). I try and stay active my getting outside and doing activities with the boys; I aim to spend 45-60 minutes outside everyday – that isn’t always possible, and on those rainy days I try and find some creative ways to get moving in the house.

Some days we will do jumping jacks, or we will have a dance party in our family room or kitchen (the boys love this!) I also take them to a drop-in at a local play centre, and I they can run around and climb, swing and get physical….I join them with obstacle courses too.

One thing that I have always been unhappy with – is the amount of hair I lose. It’s not completely over the top, no thinning and it isn’t noticeable by looking at me – but when wash my hair, or put my fingers in my hair, I lose a lot….and I am sure it is more than normal.

After only 1 week on the Adult Essentials Multi vitamin, I started to notice that it was less. I am guessing I was lacking something, and by supplementing with the multi it helped to get things back on track.

Stay tuned next month for my 3rd and final post as a Brand Ambassador!

Disclosure – I am participating in the Adult Essentials Blogger Outreach program by ShesConnectedI received a supply of vitamins and compensation in exchange for my participation in this campaign.  The opinions on this blog are my own.