Have you heard the news yet? ShesConnected has come up with a new way for brands and bloggers to connect.
We are proud to introduce the ShesConnected Blogger Pitch Engine.

No longer are you left waiting for the next great campaign. You can send us your ideas about how you would want to work with your favorite brands.   As a network we have strong relationships with brands already in place. We  connect the very best ideas with the brands.

So the goal is if you want to work with a brand send it through the blogger pitch engine. This means that any blogger who has that great idea can work along side the brands. Remember it is all about the idea. So how creative can you get, let me just say go for it! Dream big as you create.No longer are you left waiting for an agency or brand to contact you. We have gotten rid of the list. This is about finding the very best ways to work together.

So this new concept, this new way of doing business is in beta with ShesConnected. So come help us test it out. Right now Toshiba is launching the brand new Excite Tablet! They want to find 3 bloggers to hand each a brand new Excite Tablet. What would you do with one? This is not just a testing opportunity but your chance to get crazy, get creative and let the juices flow. How can you help this brand? So this isn’t about getting a new piece of technology ( that is just the icing on the cake) and simply writing any post. We want the best ideas, we want out of the box thinking. So go for it! Dream, create and pitch your very best.

To check out the Pitch Engine here you go!