We asked our friends and experts at Canadian Beef to explain the difference (if any) between a pot roast and an oven roast.   The ShesConnected staffers thought that simplistically speaking, all roasts were created equal.  We don’t usually specify on our grocery list whether we are looking to buy a pot roast specifically.   Is there a difference?

It was no surprise that the team at Canadian Beef knew the answer, although we were surprised at how distinct the differences are between an oven roast and a pot roast variety cut.  It explained why sometimes our roasts turn out dry.  It all depends on the cut of beef and matching it to the right cooking method!

Our first stop was Canadian Beef’s “Roast 101” page for a primer.

Oven Roasts

Perfectly roasted in your oven, the success of your oven roast depends on the cut of meat you choose and the cooking method you use.  An oven roast uses high heat and searing to achieve an exterior that looks well done.  On the inside however (thanks to the marble of the cut) is anything but dry and if you are looking for that combination for your meal, then aim for a quality oven roast with these tips from Canadian Beef.

  • Premium Oven Roasts are made from top shelf cuts of beef including Prime or Standing Rib, Rib Eye, Top Sirloin, Strip Sirloin, Strip Loin.  Also includes Tenderloin and Wing cuts.  These roasts can be a little pricey but great for a special occasion.
  • Standard Oven Roasts are made from excellent quality cuts, but are more affordable.  These include Eye of the Round, Inside Round, Sirloin Tip, Rump roasts and more.
  • Oven roasts are marbled sufficiently to allow them to retain their moistness through hot temperature roasting.  They are great for the rotisserie or for grilling on the BBQ.
  • Try the Strip Loin Roast Beef with Rosemary Wild Mushroom Sauce.

For step-by-step instructions on how to cook and carve a show piece roast for your next special occasion, check out the “Oven Roast” page on the Canadian Beef website.

Pot Roasts

If you would like to create a roast in a slow cooker, or use moisture to cook a roast then you are after the affordable and versatile pot roast.   With less marbling of the meat, this type of roast requires you to prepare it with ample water or flavoured juices such as beef stock to create a tender quality result.

  • Oven Roasts are made from Blade, Cross Rib, Top Blade, Brisket and Shoulder cuts of Canadian Beef.
  • Perfect for the slow cooker and creates its own natural gravy.
  • Experiment with beef stock and assorted spices to achieve exciting flavours.
  • Not appropriate for dry roasting.
  • Try a new recipe with Canadian Beef’s Three-Tomato Pot Roast.

Why do we love making roast beef?  Because it is a fast and easy way to create a meal that is healthy and satisfying.  Simply sear the roast, place it in the oven and set the timer.  It is one of the few meals that literally cooks itself.