The front of the sleeve
Back of sleeve

By: May Elajami

Marketing healthy cookies to a career focused crowd.

Has anyone seen a brand use a marketing technique that made you and continues to make you say “WOW, now that is a good way to be marketing a brand!”

That is exactly what I said this morning on my way to the office.

I take the GO Train into work every morning and I pass through Union Station, like most commuters who live outside the city in the GTA and have to commute to the city for work everyday.

Union Station, which I have noticed lately is turning out to be the hub of marketing that brands seem to be jumping on, either to give out coupons or samples related to the brands they are promoting.


Before Clicking the "Like Me" on Facebook


It is also a great area [Union Station] that marketers head to because of the influx of people that brands can market to in one given shot, massively targeting potential clients in the early morning when people are not so grumpy.

Now, let me talk about what I considered to be awesome marketing done by a brand. This morning, while I was entering Union Station I saw people carrying around boxes that said “LifeStyle Selections” on them, one of the brands produced by Kraft Canada.


After "Liking" the Facebook Page



These boxes were not small boxes, but purchase size boxes that you can get at the grocery store. So I picked myself up one. Each box was wrapped around in a sleeve.

The sleeve had in bold writing, as you can see in the pictures, “Like us in Facebook”, with the address printed in red below it. It also lists what liking the brand on Facebook will give you in giveaways. On the back of the sleeve is a couple of activities that can be played while riding the subway or the GO.

On one side of the sleeve, there is an opening that gives the nutrition information of the box located underneath the sleeve. On the other side of the sleeve there is 8 “Fun Facts & Trivia”.

As soon as I got into the office I jumped onto the computer and visited their page on Facebook and automatically liked it. In the morning the brand had about 13,204 likes.

I also had to share their marketing tactics with the rest of the team because I thought it was impressive.

Plus the cookies tasted so good. I had them with a nice hot cup of coffee and shared them with everyone else in the office.

The box of LifeStyle Cookes out of its sleeve