October is Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Cyber Security Awareness Month is an internationally recognized campaign held each October to inform the public of the importance of cyber security. This campaign is focused on helping all Canadians be more secure online, by being informed and knowing the simple steps to take to protect themselves, their families, their workplace, and their devices. The month is divided in to weekly themes which highlight different aspects of cyber security.

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Malware isn’t just viruses, but viruses are a type of malware.

  • Malicious programs that can infect your computer and device and spread to others such as those on your contact lists
  • Malicious program s that are not attached to files or programs and that can activate and make copies of themselves without user action
Trojan Horse
  • Malicious programs disguised as of hidden in legitimate software
Spyware and Adware
  • Malware that collects information about you and your activities for a third party
  • Malware that locks your device and data until you pay

How can you tell if your device is infected with malware?

If your device is infected with malware it can cause

  • Freezing and crashing
  • Poor performance
  • Unwanted popups and toolbars
  • Sending out unwanted emails

And sometimes, you don’t even realize that its there. That is why anti-virus software is so important.


We discovered this great malware infographic from the Get Cyber Safe website.