Last night after I got the kiddos to bed I sat down to go through my email.  When I opened it up I was so excited to see that the Blogher 14 conference has been announced.  I was so excited that I bought my ticket today.  I know its 9 months away and for most people they have no idea what they will be doing in 9 months.  As a mom I hardly know what I am doing week to week.  Although that is true, here is what I do know…next July 24-26 I will be in San Jose, CA attending the Blogher Conference.  I bought the ticket, so there is no backing out now! I have been blogging for years and have always wanted to attend a conference, but things have kept coming up.  So, I decided yesterday that I am going to my first blogging conference and nothing is going to stop me!  After I purchased my ticket this morning I have not stopped thinking about it.  I have just been giddy all day. I know I keep saying it, but I am so EXCITED to be attending my first blogging conference.  I can barley contain myself.   Blogher14  here I come!!!!!