Last fall, Canadian Tire introduced a new and easier way to earn rewards from shopping in their stores.

Customers can now sign up for the My Canadian Tire ‘Money’ loyalty card. Just head to your local store and fill out an application form. Your My Canadian Tire ‘Money’ account lets you earn e-Canadian Tire Money (eCTM) on almost every purchase you make in store, and at the Canadian Tire gas bars. And the best part is, you earn points when you pay with other credit cards, not just cash, debit, or the Canadian Tire MasterCard. There’s always bonus eCTM to be earned as well. You can check out “My Offers” in the Canadian Tire app to get up to 25x the eCTM from select items, or look for the My Canadian Tire ‘Money’ bonus icons in-store and in-flyer.

E-Canadian Tire ‘Money’ works the same as the paper ‘Money’ with less hassle. The app accurately tracks your eCTM, as with the paper ‘money’ it has no expiry date, and can be used to purchase merchandise in store. And if you’re looking to lighten up your wallet you can convert your paper Canadian Tire ‘Money’ to eCTM by visiting Customer Service at your nearest store.

You can also earn Canadian Tire ‘Money’ by applying for a Canadian Tire Credit Card. You’ll be automatically signed up for the My Canadian Tire ‘Money’ Program. Members earn 10X e-Canadian Tire ‘Money’ when they pay with a Canadian Tire Options MasterCard at Canadian Tire stores. If you use your Canadian Tire Credit Card to make purchases at other merchants you’ll earn CTM as well.


If you’re thinking to yourself “I don’t need another card,” earning Canadian Tire ‘Money’ is just as easy as downloading the Canadian Tire app.

The Canadian Tire app is free to download and available for iPhones, Android devices, and BlackBerries. Simply download the app, and set up your account – all you’ll need is an email address and password.

You can register directly in the app for your Canadian Tire ‘Money’ card number, and start earning Canadian Tire ‘Money’ instantly. If you already have a Canadian Tire ‘Money’ card you can link the number to your account on the app, and that’s one less card you have to carry around!

To earn eCTM with the app, you simply open the app while at the till, log in, and open up “My Card”. Your card number and barcode will show up, and you can hand your phone to the sales associate, or if you’re using the self-service checkout, scan your card into their special readers next to the debit machine. Refresh your app and your eCTM will show up instantly. The app also keeps track of your purchases, so you’ll be able to make returns or exchanges without a paper receipt.

If you still want to collect and save up the paper Canadian Tire ‘Money,’ that’s not a problem. Customers can still earn paper ‘Money’ by using cash or their debit card to make a purchase in store.

Helping the community has always been important to Canadian Tire. That’s why customers will still be able to donate eCTM to Jumpstart. Just log in to your My CT Account, select “Redeem” from the list on the left, and choose the “Donate to Jumpstart” button. You’ll be able to choose how much of your eCTM money you wish to donate.


The Canadian Tire app has some other great features to help you get what you need.

As you’re browsing through the products you can add items to your Shopping List, and even set up notifications to be alerted when the items go on sale. Your shopping list will show you which aisle you’ll find the item in, to help you find your items faster.

The app contains the latest flyers to help you find the latest promotions. And you can sign up to receive email communications and watch for exclusive Just For You offers, in-store events, program updates and more sent directly to you.

Check out the Garage to help you find the right parts for your vehicle. You’ll be able to quickly find the items, and brands you’re looking for, find out if it’s in stock, and add it to your shopping list.

While you’re shopping in the store, and you see an item you like, but want to do a price watch on it, the app will scan the barcode for you, and from there you can add the item to your shopping list, and set it to alert you if there’s a price change.

We all want a better shopping experience. The Canadian Tire app lets customers create shopping lists, find items faster, and collect Canadian Tire ‘Money’ easier. All the information Canadian Tire collects from the app users will help the company better serve customers.

Every year, Canadian Tire gives over $100 million dollars to customers through its loyalty program. Are you collecting your rewards?