Canadian Beef

A Family Favorite: Sloppy Joes

I am always looking for new interesting recipes to try out at home and see how my family likes them. Some are keepers and make it in to the regular rotation of meals, others do not make the cut. It is definitely fun to try new things from time to time but there are a […]

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Great Time of Year For Chili

Temperatures are dropping and I feel the need for some good comfort foods to warm me up from the inside out. On a cold day when you want a comforting meal with great flavor, chili is the go-to dinner for our family. Starting with great quality Canadian beef makes all the difference in the world. […]

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Quick and Easy Fajitas

My kids love mexican food and I love making it because the dishes are usually inexpensive to make and full of flavor. Tacos are always a hit with the kids and easily one of their top three meals but I can only eat tacos so often. Fajitas, to me at least, are a step up […]

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