Eating healthy is a goal for most of us, but it seems that the moment you begin to consider changing your diet you start to regret all the great things you won’t be eating. Traditionally healthy eating has meant meals that are less satisfying or devoid of flavour. Food will either taste good or be good for your health, but the two seem to rarely go together which is probably why most of us need a bit of help changing our attitude toward healthy eating.

Can you really make healthy eating fun?  If you are cooking for a family that is definitely an important part of winning the battle for better nutrition for your kids. You can  teach them the importance and value of making informed choices about the food they eat.

The Chicken Farmers of Canada have provided informative nutrition and well being resources on their website to help change attitudes when it comes to healthy eating.    There are more than 532 recipes available using quality, Canadian produced poultry.

We love the Chicken Farmers of Canada website and the ability to bookmark your favourite meal ideas in their ‘recipe box’ online.  It’s a convenient way to save some interesting recipes, and experiment with some new flavours and ingredients.

And since time is never on our side with hectic schedules that make cooking healthy (particularly midweek) difficult, we love the Quick ‘n’ Easy Recipes section of the site.   These low mess, minimal preparation and high satisfaction meals are really appreciated in a pinch.

The top five favourite recipes for the staff and writers at ShesConnected:

You never need to compromise!  Introduce a new meal plan for your family that involves some great innovative recipes that are both high on flavour and nutritional value.  If you have tried some of these recipes (and loved them!) tell us what you think and share your tips on making better choices when it comes to healthy eating.