If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know we’ve been participating in the #CarlsCrew and Subway® Canada Commit to Fit, four-week fitness challenge and we’ve almost made it to the end!

If you’re new to the blog, Carl aka @SUBWAYCarl is Subway’s Commit to Fit Ambassador, and he has been tasked with motivating us to #CommitToFit!

Week 4

Week 4 holds one of the toughest and physically demanding challenges– push-ups! Since we survived the plank challenge in week two, we’re quite optimistic about this very last challenge. What makes us even more confident in achieving this goal is that Carl makes it look so easy on today’s #MondayMotivation vine:

Push-ups are a great way to use your own body weight to maximize muscle power and focus on strengthening the upper body. We know what you’re thinking… It’s easier said then done! Don’t worry, we’ve got a game plan for this week (in case you want to follow):
Day 1:  We know you must be laughing at this, but try it out. Just put all your focus on this one push-up and you’ll see how easy and fun it can be (Trust us, it’ll prompt you to do more!)
Day 2:  4 Push-ups
Day 3:  8 Push-ups
Day 4:  12 Push-ups
Day 5:  16 Push-ups
Day 6:  21 Push-ups  

Week 2

Week 2 was to try a Vegetarian Meal. We hope you got creative!


Week 2

 We had to do planks!He even wanted us to plank with him during the #CarlsCrew Twitter Party. I kid you NOT!

Week 1

Week 1 was creating a To Do list with objectives

Carl provided us with a calendar. If you missed the 4 week challenge with us, why not try it on your own, or with a friend? Here is what ours looked like.

Carl's Crew Worksheet_Final