You’ve decided on a destination to surprise the family with this holiday, gathered passports and arranged for someone to watch the house while you’re away but have you thought of everything?  One of the most important items you can pack on your trip is the peace of mind of travel insurance.  CAA offers travel insurance plans and protection for every type of traveller.



Whether it’s planned out by the whole family or it’s a dream vacation surprise vacations are exciting, as they should be.  Most often travel plans go off without a problem but in the event of unforeseen circumstances travel insurance is in place to protect you and your travel party from financial loss, medical emergencies or travel interruptions before and during your trip.  CAA offers coverage for single or multi-trip travellers to cover a variety of incidents:


  • Medical emergencies
  • Travel interruptions & cancellations
  • Loss of personal effects, documents or luggage
  • Accident insurance


Nobody thinks a medical emergency will happen to them, especially in healthy travellers without underlying conditions, but the potential is greater than most travellers realize. A slip and fall on the deck of a cruise ship or heat stroke from the high temperatures of a hot spot can send you to the emergency room in no time.  In Canada we have one of the best health care coverage systems but the coverage stops at the border.  If you haven’t purchased extra travel insurance coverage, you could be stuck with thousands of dollars in medical bills.  CAA has prepared medical and non-medical coverage plans to suit the needs of all travellers.


The holidays are busy enough without travellers having to worry about the chance of an interruption or emergency while on vacation; having fun and enjoying the vacation should be the only thing on your mind.  CAA travel insurance plans ensure your travelling party will be safe and protected before and during your vacation so you can simply enjoy your travel plans this holiday season.