Imagine walking or biking all the way across Canada, from St.John’s Newfoundland to Victoria, British Columbia, or up into Inuvik, Northwest Territories. All through 23,600 kilometers of recreational trails, linking 1,000 communities. What an amazing way to explore the country. The project is the Trans Canada Trail and was started back in 1992, using existing trails, and adding new sections to connect them together.

chilliwack-river-trail-british-columbia-trans-canadaThe Trans Canada Trail has 5 goals:

  • To build a national legacy by creating a sustainable gift to future generations
  • To inspire active living and transportation
  • To preserve green space and promote conservation
  • To deepen the awareness of Canada’s history, culture, and natural heritage
  • To increase economic development by stimulating tourism and creating jobs

elbow-view-trail-saskatchewan-trans-canadaAs of July 1, 2015 the connecting of more than 400 trails across the country is 80% complete. Two provinces, Newfoundland and PEI are already 100% complete, with 5 other provinces and territories over 90% complete. The goal is “to fully connect our nation’s Trail by 2017, Canada’s 150th birthday…” ( Nearly 1,300 km of trail was added so far this year and there is 4,800 km left to go – many sections in unpopulated areas with challenging terrain. Once completed it will be one of the world’s largest trails.

kananaskis-country-spray-valley-provincial-park-alberta-trans-canadaProvincial and federal governments, as well as corporate and individual donors fund the Trans Canada Trail. Local trail groups and conservation authorities plan and develop each section of trail. Provincial and federal governments manage existing parks such as Gatineau Park, Rideau Trail and Voyageur Hiking Trail.

conferation-trail-prince-edward-island-pei-trans-canadaVolunteers, making this one of the largest volunteer projects in Canada, are completing the majority of the project. Over 400 groups and authorities are working on building and managing sections of the trail. New sections require brush to be cleared away, bridges installed, permits, and signs. Some new sections will be re-purposed rail lines, donated by  CN Rail.

trans-canada-trail-quebecSections of the trail will allow horseback riding, cross country skiing, and even snowmobiles. Along the trail will be pavilions to provide shelter and fresh water. Water Routes will allow canoeists and kayakers to travel parts of the trail – including a separate trail that runs the Athabasca River Trail in Alberta, to the Slave and Mackenzie Rivers in the Northwest Territories, and out to the Beaufort Sea.

pavilion-jimmy-adams-peace-trail-inuvik-northwest-territories-trans-canadaFour explorers (chosen from over 3,800 applicants) have already set off across the trail – two from PEI and two from British Columbia. Their five-month journey will have them meeting in the middle in September, with 14 stops along their way. Check out their news story to learn more, or follow them on Twitter #WoodsExplorer.

musquodoboit-trailways-nova-scotia-trans-canadaCheck out the Trans Canada Trail website for more information and to stay up to date on the project’s progress. To find the closest trail to you and start exploring, see the Trans Canada Tail Map.


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