Happy Birthday to Me.

Happy Birthday to Me.

Happy Birthday dearest Me.

Happy Birthday to Me!

I am the Birthday Girl!

I love to celebrate my birthday. I remind my friends and family as my birthday draws near. I am not one of those people who expects you to remember their birthday and then if you forget it, then they think you don’t care about them. There is no way you can forget my birthday – because I will remind you.

Not very many people like to advertise their birthdays. There could be many reasons for this – the main reason being that most don’t want to face the fact they are aging. Not me!

How do I celebrate


Bring them on. I am very fortunate that my Love sends me flowers on my birthday. He sends me the most beautiful bouquets. I get an extra large bunch of my birthday.

2. Cake

Cake is essential, and on your birthday you don’t have to limit yourself to just one slice. Calories don’t count on your birthday, We have a Barbie Cake traditional in our family.

3. Presents

While presents are not mandatory – they are greatly appreciated. Well a birthday gift is mandatory from my love of course – I wonder what he will get me this year . I have been waiting for my LOVE bracelet- fingers crossed! I create a birthday wish list, and he selects from the list.

I also create a birthday wish list for my friends and family with gifts starting at just $5! Not mandatory of course, but there if they are feeling generous.

4. Party

I like to celebrate with friends and family. Because of COVD-19, I will be celebrating virtually via ZOOM or Microsoft Teams. Social distancing won’t stop me from celebrating. Want to join my Party? Send me a note!

Do you celebrate your birthday like I do? Let me know!