By Shannon Cowan

Like a lot of you I work from home. This means I have an office that has to function like an office however it is centrally located between the kids playroom and the kitchen. This also means that there is a blend of business and personal that happens here in this office. It can’t really be helped I work from home. Those of you that do as well have an idea of what I am talking about.

Often times those of us that balance this life of personal and professional from the same space find ourselves in an organizational nightmare. Right there among the reports and meeting notes can be found your five year old’s art project given out mid conference call to keep him quite, and a pile of unsent thank you cards from your daughters last birthday.

I know I am not the only one with this blend of roles playing out all over my desk. And surely I am not the only one totally annoyed by it either. Well never fear fellow WAHMs, I have found our light at the end of the pile.

One tool to keep it all so organized and together it will amaze and delight! What is this little gem you may ask. I will tell you! It’s the P-Touch labeler by Brother.Yes I actually made a label for the label maker!

You can find Brother P-Touch on their website, Facebook Page, or Twitter account.