By Jenna Conover

renovateAs some recent home renovations take place here at our house I am finding myself always looking for something. With things spread everywhere and nothing in its permanent home I am going a bit crazy. A friend of mine at work who organized our office to the T suggested I use the labeler to mark all our items, boxes, and tote to make things easier during our remodel.

Naturally I thought this was a decent Idea but was a bit intimidated by the project at hand. So I reluctantly borrowed hers for the weekend. After quickly showing me how the Brother P Touch worked she wished me luck with an all too happy smile and sent me on my way.

I put it in my bag and thought nothing of it until Sunday Morning. I was sipping my coffee in my slippers trying to remember where my box of cookbooks were in our remodel mess and decided I had nothing to lose and  to give my coworkers idea a try.

I retrieved her trusty P-touch from my work bag, took it out and started right where I was in the kitchen. The heart of our home and our disaster. The first label I made was for the silverware drawer. I honestly started right where I was and it was the first thing in my line of sight.  Soon I was in full organizing mode and labeling everything.

An entire pot of coffee and all of my totes, cabinets, boxes, and bins later. I am a happy, happy girl. Everything is still a bit displaced during out renovations but the inner peace of knowing what is in the silly boxes in the corner pile is priceless. The P-Touch was super easy to use and once I got started I honestly didn’t want to stop.

I returned the labeler to my coworker and filled her in on my success’s from the weekend. Of course she had an “I knew you would love it” grin the entire time. The next week I went out and purchased my very own.

I am happy to say I have now labeled most everything in our home and my husband’s garage. It makes it so much easier to keep things straight. I fell in love with the labeler during our renovation mess but will keep using it because it just makes good sense. Not to mention my family and I are so much happier knowing where my cook book is.

You can find Brother P-Touch on their website, Facebook Page, or Twitter account.