International Day of the Girl is celebrated on October 11. It is a day dedicated to championing girls’ rights around the world.


Canadians recognize how important girls are to our future. That’s because Canadians believe that every girl deserves an equal start in life and the chance to grow to her full potential. That equality starts with clean water, healthy food and a safe place to live. It starts with education, support from the community and freedom from violence.

Together, we can create these conditions for girls across the globe. We can show them that gender equality is, not just possible, but necessary. Our future depends on it.

Girls, claim your place!

Girls are a force felt around the world!

Girls today bring their passion, courage and new ideas to all that they do, creating positive change throughout their communities. They are leading the way as students, entrepreneurs, volunteers and activists, and proving that you are never too young to shape the future and improve the lives of others.

By teaching girls to stand up for themselves and for gender equality, we can make sure that girls today continue to take the world by storm.



To celebrate International Day of the Girl 2017, we are inviting Canadians to tell us about the amazing girls in their lives who are making a difference.

If you know a girl who’s leaving her mark on the world, encourage her to share her story on social media using the hashtag #ClaimYourPlace. Or tell us about her by posting a status update, picture or video!

If you are a girl who is taking action for equality, we want to know about it! Tell us what you’re doing on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #ClaimYourPlace and join the conversation today!


Source: Status of Women Canada