Today we introduce to you another wonderful Brand Ambassador, Nancy is from Windsor, Ontario and writes Whispered Inspirations. Here is our interview with her.

Tell Us about YOU! Your family, where you live, etc.

I am a doting mom of 2 little girls, Gabriella and Michaela and happily married to an amazing man named Darasak. I am a proud Windsorite. It may be small and far south but, it’s home! We love traveling, whether it’s right here in Ontario or outside of the country. You can see many of our adventures on Whispered Inspirations.

How long have you been blogging? When and Why did you start?

I’ve been blogging since I can remember. Back before weblogs existed and you had to make your own websites. But, they were more for keeping a journal and for friends. I’ve been niche blogging since 2009 as Whispered Inspirations.

What role does blogging play in your life; fun, extra income, main source of income, journaling, memories, etc.

Whispered Inspirations is a bit of everything, it’s my life, events that I find interesting, a way to share my journey and what I’ve learned so far with friends, family and readers! It’s a lot of fun and it has allowed me to meet amazing people, build friendships and allowed me to try new products from new companies and to showcase our family favorites. I love sharing products and brands that make life easier and more enjoyable!

What role has social media played in your life?

I think social media has grown immensely, it’s a large part of everyday life. I’ve been lucky to have grown with it and I must say that social media plays a large part in my life. I’m always tweeting, sharing pictures on Instagram or Pinterest, sharing something on Facebook and reading updates on ShesConnected! I am ALL about social media and I believe it’s a powerful vehicle that must be tapped into!

Tell us about your “Brand”.

I’d like to think that Whispered Inspirations is a lifestyle blog. I share my life, my ups and downs, parenting tips that may be useful to others, features to the hottest gadgets and toys, beauty and fashion reviews, green living and organic living tips. It’s a bit of everything, my hope is to inspire people–whether it be to step out of the box and try new things, help them with tips based on similar shared situations or inspire them to make a change in their lives. Whether it’s big or small–whispered. If I’ve inspired at least one person, I’m happy!

How many SCCTO have you attend? Was the conference what you expected it to be? Why?

I was lucky to have been invited to attend last year. It was my first conference experience and SCCTO is very near and dear to my heart. It was much more than I could have expected! The chance to network with people that I talk to almost everyday was amazing and to be able to be face to face with brands that wanted to talk was beyond words! It was like seeing old friends!

What was your favourite part of the conference? What was your favourite booth and why?

Omigosh. There were so many favorite parts! Meeting Donna, ShesConnected CEO was great. She was warm, inviting and a hugger like me! I loved being welcomed to the conference with some Purdy’s chocolate, trying the no-hands parking with Ford was ridiculously cool and also being starstruck sitting next to and at the same table as Ammar Ammar from Ford. Hehe. I have to say Ford’s booths were amazing! I’m a car buff and the opportunity to be able to walk around and talk to Ford experts and have them answer my questions was superb! I loved walking through all the booths, PTPA was a favorite and Maple Leaf Foods and the hot dog pic stand! And who can forget the Chicken Farmers too? And meeting Dana McCauley from Janes Foods Canada?

There are too many to name and it was awesome!

What was your most memorable moment from SCCTO?

I’d have to say meeting all my fellow bloggers and being able to meet with brands. It was amazing to meet new reps that were interested in getting to know you and ones that value the blogger to brand relationship.

Did you continue your relationship on social media with other attendees? Brands?
Yes, very much so! I’ve built many friendships that have surpassed the SCCTO conference days and I look forward into seeing so many of them this year! I have been blessed to have worked with some of my favorite brands that attended ShesConnected to this day.

Why are you proud to be this year’s SCCTO Brand Ambassador? What are you looking forward to this year?

I am absolutely honored to have been selected as an SCCTO Brand Ambassador. SCCTO really does bring brand and bloggers together. They set up a relationship–not a one-night stand and it’s up to both parties to nourish it. I am proud to be an Ambassador representing an above par and excellent brand. One that connects brands with their influencers and in my opinion, have helped large brands truly value bloggers and business women alike! I am looking forward to the amazing panels we have set up, there are sessions you are all going to absolutely LOVE and of course, I look forward in connecting with new bloggers, new brands and building new relationships!

You can also find Nancy on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Linkedin