The good old broom and dust pan. We all have them, but who actually likes using them?! They don’t really keep your floors clean.

Is it just me or the more I try to manually sweep dirt into a dust pan, the more the dirt and gunk just seem to get spread around. Sweeping floors with a broom is one of my LEAST favourite things to do. I never seem to get all the dirt. The worst is my kitchen. For those who know me, you know that I am not great in the kitchen, but I’m a pro at making messes. And thus why I don’t like to cook very often.

Now that has all changed. My sister was telling me about her slick stick vacuum that she uses to keep her house clean.

Dyson. If you have ever owned one, then you know how great they are. I used to have the upright model until my man and I broke up. And he got the Dyson! How unfair is that?!

No worries, because I picked up another one off of my sister’s recommendation. And this one is even better.

I threw away my boom and dust pan after I picked up my Dyson Slim Stick

Why do I love it?

  • Dyson V6 Slim Stick Vacuum has 15 cyclones arranged across 2 tiers that work in parallel to increase airflow and capture fine dust
  • Re-engineered nickel manganese cobalt battery powers the vacuum for cordless cleaning
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design means the vacuum fits naturally into the shape of your hand
  • Balanced design puts the centre of gravity toward the grip, making it easy to vacuum from floor to ceiling
  • Hygienic one-touch bin emptying at the push of a button
  • Eliminates the need for replacement bags or filters
  • Motorized head cleans all floor types


Cleaning vents has never been easier! No more needing to grab a ladder or stool.


I hate cleaning the car, but this is so easy and lightweight that it’s no hassle at all.


And emptying it is super easy! No need to get your hand dirty.


There are Four Models in the Cordless Group.

There were higher end models in the cordless group but I decided on the slim stock for my needs. I have a small space and this is used mainly for the kitchen area.

v8_absolute-ashx v6_uk_animal-ashx  v8_animal_gb-ashx  v6_slim_slider-ashx
 Dyson Absolute  Dyson Animal  Dyson 6+  Dyson Slim

I picked up my Dyson Cordless stick from Canadian Tire.

Do you have a Dyson vacuum? Or is it on your wishlist?