A Google Consumer Survey by LegalWills.ca suggests that previous surveys may have under-reported the number of Canadians without a Will by not including those who had a Will that was out-of-date. In 2012, data showed that 56% of Canadians did not have a Will, which has now increased to 62%. A new statistic also reveals that 12% of Canadians have a Will that is out-of-date, meaning 74% of Canadians do not have an up-to-date Last Will and Testament.

“We really wanted to explore this group after hearing from people who had a Will, but had it written before they got married or had children” explained Tim Hewson, CEO of LegalWills.ca. “In essence, although they technically had a Will, it was worthless.”

This was especially true of seniors (aged 65+), who were the most likely to have an out-of-date Will (21%).

For Canadians aged 35 and older, only 38% responded to having an up-to-date Will; 14% have an out-of-date Will, and 48% do not have a Will at all.

For Canadians under 35, only 18% have a Will, and nearly half of them are out-of-date.

View full survey results in the LegalWills.ca article.

Income vs. the Probability of Having an up-to-date Will

Adults least likely to have an up-to-date Will were in the highest annual income range of $100,000+.

Adults most likely to have an up-to-date Will were in the lowest annual income range of $0$24,999. The trend continued: as income increased, the probability of having an up-to-date Will decreased.

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The LegalWills.ca survey was conducted within Canada by Google Consumer Surveys, June 2016, among 2,000 adults aged 18 and older, and has a root square mean error of 4.7%.

Results are weighted by age, gender, and region. For full information on Google Consumer Surveys’ methodology, visit here.