Here’s one more reason to love McDonald’s – now you can build your own burger as McDonald’s has introduced Create Your Taste at selected restaurants. Eventually, Create Your Taste will be available at all McDonald’s restaurants, but for now you can enter your postal code in the location search and it will tell you which McDonald’s in your area has Create Your Taste available.

Watch this video to find out more!

You can #CreateYourTasteCA only when you dine-in at McDonald’s as this feature is not not available for drive-thru orders.

How Does McDonald’s Create Your Taste Work?

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Once you enter McDonald’s go to the in-restaurant kiosk where you can pre-order your meal and press the “Create Your Taste” button. From there you can build your own burger by choosing from a selection of 30 quality ingredients.

Choose Your Condiments, Bread, and Veggies Wisely!


 The best thing about Create Your Taste is that you get to dress a 100% Canadian Angus Beef burger just the way you like it. There’s some cool toppings that don’t come on a regular Big Mac like guacamole and grilled mushrooms.

Sit Back and Let Them Do The Rest!


Once you’ve paid for your order, sit back, and relax and have your perfect taste creation made fresh just for you by one of McDonald’s friendly chefs!

Create Your Taste – Yay or Nay?

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What do you think about McDonald’s Create Your Taste? Are you going to try it? Let us know what you think about creating your own fancy burger at McDonald’s and share it on Twitter with #CreateYourTasteCA We love to hear from foodies!