When I was a little girl, I had a small bladder, and ended up having to have several stretching operations to make it bigger.  I spent quite a bit of time in doctor’s offices, and then a few times at the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital.

All my surgeries were day surgeries, but I met a lot of kids who “lived” at the hospital.  They would go and play in the waiting rooms, or would be walking the halls.  I remember when I was 12 some of the kids I met there.

I did my best to cheer them up, but when we went into my appointment, I remember crying.  My mom asked why, and the doctor came in while we were talking.

I was so upset that I was “wasting” the doctor’s time with my bladder issues, when there we so many kids who needed their help.  The doctor told me to rest assured that everyone’s problems were important, and I wasn’t taking him or anyone else away from one of the other kids.

I  have always tried to give any extra money to Ronald McDonald’s House Children’s Charities, and to the Toronto Sick Kids Hospitals as I think of those kids that needed so much help.  The little girl with one eye, and the little girl with the amputation who cheered me up and kept me company always come to mind.  To this day I think of how they had so many things on their mind and didn’t need to spend time keeping me company, but they did.  We sure did have fun!

Now that I have a son with hearing issues, and we have had to have some appointments at the hospitals, and we are talking about possible solutions to the issues. I wonder if I will be spending some time in a hospital with him.

I am glad that their are charities out there to support families and children in need like Ronald McDonald’s House Children’s Charities.  So every year on McHappy Day I take the boys to McDonalds for their happy meals.  This year is Wednesday May 2nd.

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