Awesome things happen across our beautiful country every day, but when I heard about the Canadian Wildlife Federation teaming up with athlete Angella Goran to help increase Canadians connection to nature and sport, I was excited.

Bike for Wildlife


Especially since they were launching the event in Victoria, BC (one of my favorite places in the country and well practically next door to some of my favorite people)


Angella will be starting her cross Canada ride on Wednesday August 14th at the Bateman Museum in Victoria BC  and then ending in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the end of October!


With live events at cities across Canada, you will get the chance to connect with Angella and the amazing team of sponsors and planners behind this event!

burnbrae farms

Come out to one of the many live events to support the Canadian Wildlife Federation, have a chance to pull the chicken and find a winning egg with Burbrae Farms, and participate in this family friendly, community event.

Check the dates and follow Angella as she rides through your town, cheer her along in person, or participate online!


There are also ways to get your child’s class involved, or have your own kids participate in these online activities and games!  So many ways to participate, where will we see you?