Many of us are concerned about the quality of food we buy. It seems that Consumers are more inclined now than ever before to question the source of their food products. Where was it grown? What chemicals were used in its production? How far did it have to travel before it reached your corner store? These are all valid questions that help us to make informed and educated choices about the food we eat.

In response to Consumers need to know and understand their food sources, many brands in Canada have become transparent about their processes. We like this trend because it gives us all some peace of mind in knowing that we are not buying something that may potentially contribute to a health problem. We are really fortunate to live in a Country that has some of the highest food production and inspection standards in the world.

The writers at ShesConnected were excited to see a new brand launched by Safeway which seems to reach out to Consumers like us, who are concerned about the use of antibiotics or hormones in our meat.

About Open Nature

  • Locally sourced from one place (Spring Creek Ranch, Alberta)
  • 100% Canadian Beef (no imports)
  • Assured Grade AA or higher
  • Vacuume Sealed and freezer ready
  • Leak proof packaging (no more mess in transit)

There is a growing trend for Consumers to buy their meat from a local butcher.  While that assures you of great quality meat sourced locally, fresh pricey cuts from a private butcher are not in the grocery budget for many families.   To us this seems to be the next best thing at prices that we can all afford and we think this brand is going to be very successful and appreciated.  It may even inspire more people to think twice about the meat they are buying and it’s impact on their health. We give the Open Nature brand at Safeway two thumbs up!

Safeway Contest

Visit Safeway and enter your postal code to find your nearest store to check out their Texas Hold’em contest to win a free trip and many other great prizes.   Contest ends January 24, 2013.  Click image to enter.