Scotiabank today launched ScotiaRISE, a 10-year, $500 million initiative to promote economic resilience among disadvantaged groups. Through ScotiaRISE, Scotiabank will support programs and partner with organizations across its footprint that provide the tools people need to improve their education and employment prospects, adapt to changing circumstances, and increase the likelihood of financial success.

To help foster economic resilience, ScotiaRISE will invest in three important focus areas across the geographies where Scotiabank operates:

  1. Education: Increase high school graduation rates and post-secondary enrollment, in order to increase employment prospects, life opportunities, and full participation in the economy.
  2. Inclusion: Help newcomers to feel at home faster and secure meaningful employment, in order to support their contribution to the prosperity and social fabric of their communities.
  3. Employment:  Remove barriers to career advancement for underrepresented groups, to help enable their financial success.

Whether it’s helping an internationally trained doctor to practice medicine in Toronto, or a high school student graduate in Santiago, Scotiabank understands the value in helping everyone achieve their potential. By investing in our communities, ScotiaRISE aims to increase economic inclusion, stability and mobility for everyone.

“We know that we can only be as successful as the societies in which we operate, and when there are individuals and communities that feel left out, we cannot be strong,” says Porter. “Over the next decade, ScotiaRISE aims to increase access to opportunities for people in geographies across the Americas, to create more inclusive, resilient communities for every future.”

Please visit for more information on ScotiaRISE.