With the coming of Fall, I wanted to plan one last outside barbeque with our friends before the weather gets to cold. I am thankful for my friends and wanted to show them how thankful I am for them! While we all love getting together for an afternoon of good conversation, grilling, and relaxing outside we usually all chip in with the cooking and cleaning. For my barbeque, I wanted to treat and pamper them with a good meal and an evening of conversation without them having to do anything!

The cool weather has been moving in fast, so I needed to get my barbeque plans in action! I wanted everything to be just right and done. Planning the menu and then a list of what is needed always makes it easier on me and saves time. For whatever is needed, I can pick it up all at once and know I have everything covered. I hate being in the middle of cooking and realizing I don’t have everything I need!

I planned out my menu – everything from appetizers to munch on before the meal, meat, side dishes and drinks. As I made out the menu, I wrote down exactly what I was going to need to purchase for each thing. I also checked to see if I needed any condiments such as ketchup, mustard, etc. We were also running low on sturdy paper plates, so those went on the list as well as plastic utensils and napkins. No one wants a stack of dishes to tackle after the barbeque!


I also remembered the last time we got together, our friends had mentioned that playing horseshoes sounded like fun. Well, what better time to surprise them and give it a try than in the nice cool air! So, I added a horseshoe game to my shopping list. I headed to TargetĀ  with my list of grocery items, paper goods and my horseshoe game. This was going to be so much fun!


My shopping trip went smooth as silk! I found everything I needed on my list. I even found some cute little table decorations to go on our picnic table! Everything was ready and my excitement was building! Friends provide us with so much, from supporting us in the bad times to celebrating with us in the good times. I am thankful for my friends and I couldn’t wait to show them with a fun filled day of grilling, conversation and playing horseshoes!