I love attention. I used to love it from anyone but now that I am getting older I care more for the attention from my friends and family.  That is why I love to celebrate my birthday. My friends call me, they send me messages on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin – and all the others.  I get presents, my Barbie Birthday cake – yes I said Barbie – and usually the things I have been hinting about. I am really good at hinting about all of the things I would like on my birthday. Who doesn’t love a good surprise?

Bad thing about birthdays is that you only celebrate them once a year! I was born January so my birthday was months ago. The month following my birthday is Valentine’s Day. That is great because I don’t have to wait too long to get some more attention!  I get chocolate, wine and flowers every year- so far. I just love it. I am like a little kid on February 14th as I wait for my goodies. Sometimes I find them on the kitchen table. Sometimes they are sent to my office (which gives him double the brownie points). Sometimes I am tortured and have to wait to until the end of day!  (he still get brownie points)

Then it ends. I have to wait until Christmas. So let me do the calculation. February 14 – today July 12 = approximately 5 months without any surprises, attention from someone other than myself. Poor me. Are you feeling badly for me yet?

Well today I was given a great gift. A surprise and delight gift from one of my favorite retailers Target Canada. They wanted to wish me a fun summer and sent me a gift card. I was so surprised. I never get these types of surprises. Even better – they are even letting me do the same. I get to surprise and delight someone with a Target Canada gift card as well.

For those in the GTA and if you will be in the Target store today at Toronto Danforth the address is  3003 Danforth Avenue  – you could be surprised and delighted. What does that mean? It could mean a  Complimentary Starbucks coffee or snacks, in-store gift cards, and in some cases paying for an entire shopping cart.

Good Luck!