Either you like it or you don’t. I didn’t realize how long I had been eating it until the question came up over dinner with some of my besties. I also remember the first time I tried it. I had just broken up with my boyfriend who actually liked it, though I would never try it when I was with him. Please note this was back in 1991! I was asked out on a date with “Greg” and he asked me if I wanted to go out for sushi. It was a first date and I was feeling rather brave – so I said yes. Greg was so amazing. He knew it was my first time trying it so we started with the “beginners” sushi. For those who don’t know, a California roll is categorized as beginner. The “crab” in  California roll is not “real” crab. It is actually made of Pollack and formed to look like crab.

Now I love to eat sashimi – which is just the sushi. I prefer to enjoy my raw fish without and rice.

My typical order contains the following:

  • Maguro sashimi which is a kind of tuna.
  • Hamachi sashimi which is yellow tail
  • Toro sashimi which is the most expensive cut of a tuna

Start of the Meal

You usually start your meal with a green salad. What makes the green salad so tasty is the ginger dressing. I just love it. You also get miso soup.


For Beginners

Tuna and avocado roll or just a plain avacado roll.


California Roll

This is a classic roll.



When you order, you also get pickled ginger and wasabi which is a spicy green mustard.


How about you?

Are you a sushi eater? Do you play it safe with the beginner style sushi or do you try some of the braver cuts? Also how long have you been eating sushi?