Life these days is stressful and we, as women, always seem to end up with less and less time for ourselves.  Making it really hard for us to look our best and feel our best each and every day when you barely have the time to do so.  Thankfully Target has a great line of beauty products made especially for any on the go woman!


Target’s exclusive line: Pixi by Petra is made with your health in mind as well.  Including all natural ingredients like vitamin A, C and E, and grape seed and cucumber, it’s no wonder the brand has had success all over the world!

But who is Petra?

Petra Strand, the mom of four and entrepreneur, launched Pixi Beauty in Soho London 15 years ago.  Her main goal was to create flaw-fixing cosmetics that would not only enhance a woman’s natural beauty, but that was also nourishing for her complexion.

Target Beauty Pixi Product

The Pixi Concealing Concentrate, for example is a great way skin corrector that provides a fresh and youthful look while erasing dark circles!  Something all of us tired and busy women need.  Best part is this product can also be used to accentuate and highlight when used correctly.

Target Beauty - Pixi Products

Pixi by Petra’s H2O Skin Tint is also something pretty special, and an exceptional option for those of you with sensitive skin as it is Paraben and fragrance-free.  This gel tint is ultra light weight providing you with a fresh feeling and flawless skin all day long.  No matter what your crazy day might throw at you!

Target Beauty - Pixi Products

This year is all about the brows and Pixi’s Natural Brow Duo is an efficient two in one brow product that will shape, fill and define all at once.  A truly lovely time saver that all of us could use, especially for our brows!  With perfect color options you can’t go wrong with adding this to take back your morning make up routine!

With so many great products to choose from it is hard to know exactly what to do in order to get the best result.  But thankfully Target Pixi by Petra Products has you covered with a great video you can view on their site!

Check it out and see how you can win back you morning makeup routine with Target Pixi by Petra Products!