Maple Leaf Foods is a company which originated in Toronto Canada and has continued to grow for the past 83 years. It is now the leading consumer packaged foods company in the world and encompasses their three flagship consumer brands Maple Leaf, Schneiders, and Dempster’s. Their goal, along with the many other companies under their umbrella, to meet and exceed consumer needs for the highest quality, nutritious and innovative food products.

Some of the newest products released by Maple Leaf Foods include natural selections deli meats with no preservatives, artificial ingredients or fillers.

Information on Maple Leaf Foods can be found on their easy to navigate website, as well as on their facebook page. Other companies in the Maple Leaf Family include Dempsters, Olivieri, Tenderflake, Maple Leaf Prime, Ben’s Bakery, Hygrade, Pom, Bon Matin, and Schneiders.