A couple of weeks ago, we received a Toshiba Portege Z830 laptop here at the ShesConnected headquarters from the amazing folks at Toshiba Canada. Let me tell you right now – the moment it arrived in our office, everyone drooled over how slick it is. The laptop is supposedly Toshiba’s foray in the Ultrabook market and it’s definitely making them a huge frontrunner.

A side note: We’ve already written several posts on this laptop, but we just couldn’t pass the chance of sharing and showcasing this mighty piece of a machine.

Portege Z830 Features

What I love the most about the Z830 is its exterior. It’s only 16mm thick and weighs less than 3 pounds so it’s relatively thin. It has a magnesium alloy shell and a Honeycomb Rib design which provides the laptop with shock absorption and a layer of durability. But putting the exterior aside, the Z830 is supposedly powerful than its predecessors. It features the latest Intel core processor, DD3 memory, and offers substantial storage. Thanks to the hefty RAM and solid state drive, it’s notably fast. The battery life is pretty impressive too at approximately 8 hours of usage. You can put it on sleep, and you won’t notice any drastic decrease in the battery life.

Why it’s perfect for us

The Z830 is perfect for those who’s always on-the-go and needs something robust and compact. We could’ve sworn this laptop was engineered exclusively for our CEO Donna Marie by the tech gods, but I’ll reserve that conspiracy theory for a future post. The Z830 is durable enough that it can handle any drops as well as spills on the keyboard. I admit, we can be somewhat paranoid when it comes to our gadgets in fear of losing data files, so we love that Z830’s durability gives us some peace of mind. Its compact size also makes this very portable and comfortable to carry around. If you’re regularly travelling with your laptop, you’ll know how this helps a lot.

I didn’t dwelve in the tech specs here as you can easily find those online, but to sum it up Toshiba definitely didn’t compromise functionality for form. If you’re looking to replace your laptop, it’s definitely worth checking it out. You can find all the details on their website or tweet them @ToshibaCanada.