Do you know the difference between a pot roast and a oven roast? 65% of Canadians don’t. Roast beef is the number one searched words that bring people to the Canada Beef site. Most are looking for easy recipes after all it one of the top 10 searches in the entire world. So for Canada’s Nutrition Month Canada, Canada Beef┬áhas launched a complimentary campaign at helping us Canadians cook with Canadian Beef.

Canada Beef wants us to know they are just a video away if needed to help us cook. As experts in how to buy cook and store Canadian Beef it is just like bring an expert into your kitchen.

Have you checked out the playlist they now have on the Youtube list filled with quick tips?

My favorite tip is this one.

Or how about the checkout this playlist for step by step cooking instructions?

My favorite lesson is this one.

You can even with Eat In Eat Out and Canadian Beef! One of 5 Canadian Beef prize packs that include a 32 G Apple Ipad 4, a talking thermometer, and a cooler tote. Be sure to enter the contest!