We all love a good burger, right? I know I do, and there are none better then those made with Canadian Beef! So we all have secret ingredients when it comes to making that perfect patty, but really everyone knows it is what you put on top that sets your personality!

So what is your burger personality?

Maybe you are an old fashioned girl like me and love things that are classic. You might even say you are OLD School? Do you like the classics on your burger? For me the classics include a little mustard, some lettuce, some tomato, a wee bit of onion and of course relish, got to have my relish.

old school burger personality

Or maybe you are the Gourmet, and like to take your burger up a few notches. Maybe you have to have all the best things in life like truffle oil, sun dried tomatoes, chanterelle mushrooms and of course arugula is your lettuce of choice.

gourmet burger personality

There are plenty more personalities to choose from so check out all the choices on the ShesConnected Facebook Page and tell me what is your burger personality?