Every year, Brandspark International surveys thousands of consumers to determine which brands they trust the most, over 133 different categories of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and the leading market research firm has just released the 2016 Brandspark Most Trusted Awards winners.

Shoppers always want to make sure they’re bringing the most reliable brands into their homes, and now finding out which brands are trusted nationally is easier than ever! Gone are the days of asking your neighbour what to recommend—now you can look online and find out what they recommended.

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If you’re wondering how the research was conducted, it was determined through shoppers “top of mind” responses for categories in which they purchase. The unaided responses were then analysed, and brands were ranked based on volume of mentions.


Over the years the top CPG brands have built trust by providing a product experience that is not only positive, but is also consistent. Robert Levy, CEO of Brandspark, says that what fuels this product loyalty and trust is a brand’s commitment to innovation, and its ability to maintain meaningful and strong values. A brand can also drive consumer trust by responding transparently and quickly to problems and having strong brand ethics.

What does that mean? Well, while many consumers will look for support of charitable causes, others perceive a brand to be respectful of their customers if there is a fair and consistent price.

To learn more about how brands reinvent themselves and innovate to keep connecting with their consumers, year after year, watch the video below:


According to the survey, 66% of Canadians will try new products from a brand they already trust, and 74% of consumers try to purchase their most trusted brand names when they’re on sale, versus purchasing the generic versions. But the fact remains that 45% of Canadians say they are less loyal to brands than they once were—a fact that makes it even more important for marketers to build trusted relationships with their customers.

So which brands received the most loyalty? Children and pet products, of course. 75% of Canadians regularly buy the same brand name products, versus 70% for hygiene products and 60% for other grocery items and beauty or health products.

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These days, many consumers now look for brand content that is not only authentic, but is relevant to their mindset and their stage in life. This is where targeted messaging comes in: it helps address the unique concerns of each customer and increases confidence and interest in a brand.

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