Did you know that there are more than 83,000 farms in Canada which produce some of the world’s highest quality beef?   The industry produced 3.4 billion pounds in 2009 for domestic sale and international export, making Canada the sixth largest beef exporter in the world.   There is a lot to be proud of when you learn more about the agricultural integrity and quality practices behind Canadian beef farmers.

Canadian Beef wants you to feel good about the food you choose for your family, and they put a great deal of effort into education and promotion of their quality products through their website.   We thought we’d give you some reasons to feel even better for choosing Canadian Beef at the grocery store.

What Makes It Good?

Canadian Beef is extraordinary because of the care that is put into agricultural production.  While in other parts of the world there is a mass production of beef, most farms in Canada have herds which number fewer than 100.  In fact, 61% of Canadian beef producers have fewer than 47 cows with the majority of beef being raised in Alberta (39%) and Saskatchewan (31%).   Many of the farms are full fledged ranchers that take great care in all aspects of raising and monitoring their herd according to Canada’s high health and food production standards.

Federal Health Standards

One of the biggest concerns expressed by the consumer market is the presence of hormones or antibiotics in agricultural food products.  Canada has one of the strictest Federal standards for prohibiting the use of harmful drugs and is closely monitored by Canadian Food Inspection Agency or (CFIA).  While antibiotics are sometimes required to maintain the health of the herd, no trace of these antibiotics can be present in the final beef product.   Before it is able to be sold, it must show 100% compliance to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Because the tight regulation does not exist and due to a higher prevalence of hormone and antibiotic in their meat production, most American beef producers are unable to export for sale to the European market.

Being Loud and Proud

Canada Beef Inc. has two offices in Canada (Ontario and Alberta) and six international offices in China, Japan, Mexico, South Korea and Taiwan.  The organization works to promote the value of ranch raised Canadian beef to further develop export opportunities abroad.   While beef is not in short demand around the world, the high quality of Canadian Beef has earned a much deserved positive reputation.  Demand for agricultural exports from Canada is growing in response to acknowledgment of our high production standards.

In order to set itself apart from other Nations and beef producers, Canada Beef Inc. has provided fact sheets and FAQs on Canadian beef production to educate and assure its customers of their dedication to quality and food safety.   Read more about these standards on their website here.

Knowing about all the steps that go into Canadian beef production, do you feel better about the safety and nutrition of Canadian Beef?  We encourage you to visit their interactive website for more information and fantastic recipe’s and advice for cooking and handling beef, as well as their buyers guide for getting the perfect cut.   If you love Canadian Beef tell us what you think!  You can also connect with them on Twitter at: @CanadianBeef