When you visit the Canadian Beef website, you can’t help but get a “wow” experience.  The organization has put a great deal of time and effort into building a website that is not only jam packed full of useful tips  (shopping and cooking guides) but also just about every single question you might have is answered in their comprehensive FAQ sections.  The folks over at Canadian Beef are building an interactive community and educating existing and new customers in a fun and effective way online.  It is a great example of a Canadian organization who is really “getting it right” when it comes to online engagement.

Get Cooking!

One of the things we really love about the Canadian Beef website is browsing all the fabulous and original recipes.   We all suffer from lack of inspiration from time to time, so visiting a website so chalk full of ideas is refreshing and helpful, whether you are cooking for a family or just for yourself.

Our staff loved the Beef and Pasta Florentine recipe.   For people with carbohydrate reduced diets, pasta isn’t always the best choice but when you add some protein to the recipe it makes it a healthful meal for just about everyone.   This great recipe incorporates kale for additional iron and is a real “stick-to-your-ribs” kind of meal that is also great for lunch box leftovers the next day.   We also loved the Latino Style Beef Burger (using a wrap instead of a bun) and the spicy savoury  “Slow-Cooker Island Inspired Beef Stew” with hints of cinnamon.

Club Contest

Enroll in Canadian Beef’s “Make It Beef Club” to stay in the loop with all their posts, contests and promotions via email.  Enter to win a remote talking food thermometer when you join the club.  Contest details are here.  The Canadian Beef newsletter is a great source of meal ideas and a great reminder to try a few new things using quality cuts of beef.

Check out the latest video by Canadian Beef on YouTube for some fabulous meal ideas and instructions on how to prepare a variety of interesting new recipes as well as tips to master the art of cooking beef and incorporating it into your weekly menu.   Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter.   Canadian Beef is active in all their social networks and engaging with their customers from around the world.   We can’t help but feel a little hometown proud for Canadian Beef producers, and they would love to hear your feedback too!