Celebrate the Season With a Holiday Gift Guide

Coming up with gift ideas can be exhausting!  Virtually everyone is looking for that perfect gift during the holiday season which is why Gift Guides are so popular.  Readers love to browse new items and see what is new and popular and see what other people are buying this year.  Many people tend to shop the trends for the season, which is what makes creating a Gift Guide for your blog a fantastic way to expand your audience, increase traffic and perhaps earn a little extra incentive for yourself.

If you are looking to enroll in a formal blogger program for a major brand, the best time to start is August when you can pitch your blog to brands and services in exchange for advertising revenue  or free swag.  However if you have missed that window for the year, you can still pick your favourite items and provide them on your blog as a recommendation to your readers.

The Benefits

  • More traffic, page views and exposure for your blog
  • Increased following on your social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest
  • Adds season holiday content which is fun to read
  • Have fun discussing the seasons top selling or ‘must have’ gifts with your audience

The best way to set up an effective Holiday Guide is to create a new page specifically for your gift recommendations.   Remember to include an image for each product and a hyperlink that directs the reader to the purchase location on the manufacturer’s website.   If they see something they like it should be easy for them to click and purchase the item.

Feel free to blog about your favourite items to generate conversations around some of the products featured in your Holiday Gift Guide.   As an online influencer your readers appreciate your opinion and product preferences and engage in comments and share your Gift Guide through your social media networks.   The more activity you generate the more you will have to show your favourite Brands next year, when you pitch them advertising or prize donations for your blog in exchange for representation.

Don’t forget to include a disclosure that indicates you are receiving value for hosting some popular brands and gifts on your site.  You can indicate that you endorse the Brands authentically but your opinion remains unbiased and your own with regards to product preference.   Jazz up your page for the season and remember to promote your gift guide through your social channels.  Have fun!