A cancer diagnosis is a scary and life-changing event.

Having a community where you can get encouragement can mean so much when you are facing cancer. Having that same support for your family who are right there with you is invaluable, too. One of the most poignant things I heard recently was that cancer affects almost every aspect of a woman’s life: relationships with her spouse, with family and friends, her work and career, her role as a mother, her sense of self—almost nothing remains untouched.

The “Tell Her” Movement, a new initiative from FacingCancer.ca, offers family members, loved ones and friends of those women affected by cancer a way to show visible support. By posting a woman’s name to the “Tell Her” Movement support wall, or emailing a private message, you can show you are there should she need you. Share the “Tell Her” Movement with your friends and help ensure that no woman faces cancer alone.
Please add the attached button to your blog or other website or share your story via a vlog or blog post. If you could also promote FacingCancer.ca and the “Tell Her” Movement on your social media channels that would be fantastic. We want the wall to be filled with the name of every woman facing cancer.

Thank you.

The “Tell Her” Movement: http://www.facingcancer.ca/tell-her/
FacingCancer.ca: http://www.facingcancer.ca/