You love it in the restaurant or through the drive-thru, and now you can take it home!  McCafé Premium Roast is going to be made available (through selected locations only) to buy dry and brew from the comfort of your own home.    It is the next step for McDonald’s who has swept Canada and won over coffee drinkers from coast to coast with their fabulous new blends.

“Enjoying a cup of coffee is a morning ritual for thousands of Canadians and we’re giving them even more reasons to look forward to their first sip of the day,” said John Betts, President and CEO of McDonald’s Canada. “We believe our customers will love the convenience of having the same quality coffee at home as they enjoy in our restaurants.”

Canada loves McDonald’s and it is the leading food service company worldwide.   In Canada alone there are 1,400 restaurants which employ over 80,000 Canadians.  About 75% of these restaurants are independently owned and operated.  McCafé was one of the proud sponsors of the ShesConnected Conference 2012 in Toronto, Ontario.  Participants were given the opportunity to request a free McCafé mug (see image) customized with their individual Twitter name.  The staff and writers at ShesConnected are enjoying their cool custom mugs which arrived about two weeks ago.

The move marks a rapid expansion of the McCafé franchise in Canada in response to positive sales and consumer endorsement.  Customers simply can’t get enough of the tasty brewed coffee which is high quality at an affordable price.   Customers also enjoy the portability of the coffee in it’s convenient travel cup design, which is convenient for people on-the-go.

So what kind of coffee will you be bringing home?

McDonald’s medium roast McCafé Premium is made with 100% ground Arabica beans.   The 340 gram bag has a special seal to retain freshness and it will sell (at select locations only) for $6.99.   A great tasty gift for the coffee lover in your house or for co-workers or friends.