McHappy Day

Twelve years ago our family experienced a nightmare like no other. Twelve years ago, our happy family was tested like no family should ever be tested. Even though it was twelve years ago. I remember every minute like it was yesterday. Twelve years ago, my son, almost died.

I had woken up to a strange cry form my ten day old son. Having three children, I was very tired, but knew something was off about his cry. It was not the normal newborn cry. It was a painful cry. A scary cry. I picked up my son and he felt really hot. I tried to feed him and he was not interested. My husband took his temperature and we discovered our sons temp was 104°F. Now this was extremely high. we called our Doctors office and brought our son in immediately. After a long day of poking, different Dr visits, a pediatrician and some very concerned looks we were sent to the hospital.

The hospital put our little baby on an IV. He was so small every time he had an IV it would collapse his veins within a couple of hours.  Nobody knew what was wrong. the assumed the worse and treated him for meningitis.  After 48 hours, many blood tests, Xrays, ultrasounds and even a spinal tap. we found out our son had e coli bacteria. How? Nobody knows. The Drs said maybe it was something he picked up while in hospital after birth. we then spent two more weeks in the hospital. we stayed side by side. The nurses gave me a cot to sleep on. They gave me a TV to watch, video games to play. They allowed visitors at any time to keep me sane. They made our visit the most comfortable possible.

It was hard to be away from my other children. It was hard for our family to be apart. we lived over an hour away from the hospital. This was the only way I could be there for our son. He needed his mom. We were bonding.

Not a day goes by that we do not realize what could have happened. we are thankful to the hospital, the Doctors, the nurses and everyone else who made our visit comfortable. There will always be a place in our hearts for those people.

May 02 2012 is Ronald McDonald Children’s Charities® Canada or McHappy Day®.

What does Ronald McDonald House do?

Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada helps give sick children what they need most – their families
To tell the full story, it starts when a child is diagnosed with a serious illness or injury. The world stops in an instant, and nothing matters but healing that child. To get the medical attention required to heal their child, a family must often travel far from home. They may be required to stay days, weeks or even months for medical tests and treatments. Repeat visits may be necessary. And for some families, their stay at a House gives them final moments and memories that last a lifetime.
During this most difficult time, parents not only struggle to support their sick child; they have to care for their other children, keep their jobs, pay bills, and manage the responsibilities of everyday life. With so much to balance, they shouldn’t have to worry about anything else.


On May 2nd purchase a Big Mac, Happy Meal or hot McCafe beverage. When you do this McDonalds will donate $1to Ronald McDonald Houses

Canadians can also show their McHappy Day support all year long by texting MCHAPPY to30333 to make a $5 donation* to RMHC of Canada and by “Liking” McDonald’s Canada on Facebook . To receive McHappy Day updates from across the country, Canadians are encouraged to follow McDonald’s Canada on Twitter .

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