A new way to soup is coming to Toronto, starting February 2. Chef Matt Dean Pettit will be crafting soup creations at the pop-up restaurant The Cantina by Campbell’s. Using Campbell’s soups and broths the chef will be creating savoury soups that visitors can then enhance with fresh garnishes and show off how they soup.

While they’re enjoying their complimentary tasting, visitors can also take home a sample of Campbell’s latest Soup Kits, to try out at home. And place a sticker on the wall to create a unique piece of art– for every sticker placed Campbell’s Canada will donate a can of soup to the Daily Bread Food Bank.

If you stop by The Cantina, make sure you take a picture of your soup creation and spread the word, by using #weallsoup. The Cantina’s at 501 Queen Street West, and will be open Monday to Friday 11am to 8pm and Saturday & Sunday 11am to 7pm, and only until Feb 21st!