Last month leaders from around the world met in Paris to discuss climate change and what we need to do in order to help preserve our world for future generations.

The agreement they reached was that the global rise in temperature needed to be kept below 2°, and that every country must implement a climate action plan that would be reviewed in 2018, and then again every five years. They also agreed that poorer countries should be supported financially and technologically to help them curb their greenhouse gas emissions.

Every country produces differing levels of CO2, so some countries have more work to do than others. Africa, South-East Asia and Latin America have some of the lowest carbon emissions per capita. While North America, Australia and parts of the Middle East produce some of the highest. Europe, Russia and parts of Asia also have challenges ahead if they hope to reduce carbon emissions. Especially as China ranks the highest in fossil fuel usage per year.

One thing is clear from the Paris agreement, that our work is cut out for us as a community, a country, and as citizens of the world.

If you have tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint in 2016, share them with us in the comments.