Have you heard of the amazing anti-bullying initiative that is spearheaded by RioCan? If you haven’t you will be hearing more and more about it and you will want to be part of it as we will all be saying “There’s no place for bullies here”!


RioCan malls are a vital part of the communities they’re in, and by declaring them bully-free zones, they’ll become a safe hub in the neighbourhood. RioCan malls such as Lawrence Square in Toronto, Yonge/Englington Centre in Toronto and the Georgian Mall in Barrie are just a few of the RioCan malls to be a part of the #RedDotSafeSpot campaign and they are declaring their malls to be no place for bullies!

RioCan recognizes that bullying is a big problem, so they’re putting our foot down and declaring all of their properties bully-free zones, indicated by Red Dot Safe Spot symbols throughout their malls and shopping centres.

RioCan also has some amazing partners as together with the cast of Degrassi and Leave Out Violence (LOVE), they’re joining forces in the fight to end bullying.

The launch of the Red Spot Safe Spot program creates bully-free zones in RioCan malls and shopping centres across Canada where young people can hang out and feel safe in their local communities.

To get the word out on their bully-free zones there’s going to be a twitter party coming up very soon! You can find out more about this amazing campaign at: Also make sure to check out the video with some of the cast members from Degrassi: where they are saying “No Bullying Here”

Here are the details on the party!

“No Bullying Here” Twitter Party
Wednesday April 15, 2015
7:00pm EST
Hosts : @Ont_LOVE @Degrassi @helpmesara @ShesConnected
Hashtag: #RedDotSafeSpot
Go to Twubs to join the party!