With only 9 days left until Christmas it’s time to starting checking off that holiday to-do-list. Whether you have a few more presents to pick up, a little more baking for all your guests, or get those decorations up.

And when it comes to decorations, sometimes your house needs that last little touch to truly feel like you’re ready to relax in front of the fireplace.

Hanging your stockings can really set that “ready for Christmas” feeling. Whether they coordinate with your decorations or are hand-made, they show off your family’s personality. And mean you’re ready for Santa’s visit.

If you’re looking for new stockings this year, or have a new family member we recommend checking out the Canvas Collection from Canadian Tire. There’s sure to be a stocking to fit every personality and home.

Check out some of our favourites:


knit-stockings-canvas-canadian-tire white-teal-stockings-canvas-canadian-tire