Tots100, a community of Britain’s finest Mummy Bloggers, recently announced that they asbwill be hosting their first annual blogger event. Up until now Tots100 has been known as “the UK’s largest community of active British Mummy and Daddy bloggers” but their community is more than just that. Every month the site uses an algorithm to rank all of the 4,000+ blogs within their community, ranking them by popularity and influence.  The top 100 of these blogs are posted on their Tots100 list.The site shares its blogger’s posts within the community to boost their bloggers’ traffic and engagement.  They also host tutorials, webinars, social events and free blogging workshops. For the bloggers within the community that desire to work with brands, they offer a blogger/brand messaging platform where both sides can communicate directly regarding opportunities for working together. They boast more than one hundred brands and PR agencies currently using the platform.

Up until now Tots100 has organized plenty of social events and workshops but as of this year they will be offering a new event — Blog Summit 2013. The Blog Summit plans to offer an informal atmosphere for bloggers to meet new friends, learn in areas such as technology and creativity, as well as connect with brands. Four blog summits, in fact, will be offered this year, one for each season. The first of the summits, the spring summit was held in March in Bristol. The Summer Blog Summit will be held on May 11th in Birmingham. The Autumn Blog Summit will be held September 14th in Manchester. The events are open to all Top100 registered bloggers, to register visit the website registration page. Once your blog is approved, you will be issued a user ID and password that will give you access to the members-only content on their website and you can also apply to attend one of the upcoming blogging summits.