So why did the chicken cross the road?  Ask that question to a chicken farmer and we’re guessing he or she has probably heard them all.  But the Chicken Farmers of Canada is a friendly organization that does a great deal to promote the exceptional quality of Canadian poultry.  They are always busy educating on the health benefits of choosing chicken as a part of your healthy meal plan and they have a lot of fun showing us how to get creative with chicken.

Many Canadian agricultural food producers are stepping up their marketing efforts in response to significant health concerns regarding food regulations and production standards in other countries.   Since we live in a global market, your meat and other groceries can be imported from any country in the world.   We rely on that to have some diversity in our diet during the off months naturally (it’s how we enjoy strawberries in the winter) but more and more people are growing not only concerned but informed over where their foods are coming from.

Since Canada enjoys one of the highest food inspection standards in the world, you can feel good about choosing Chicken that is sold in Canada.  And that is exactly the message that the Chicken Farmers of Canada want to get out to the public.  When you choose Canadian produced chicken, you are making a healthy choice for your family.

There are so many things to love about the Chicken Farmers of Canada and the way they reach out using social media channels to really engage their customers.   Like most organizations, they have a thriving blog which provides insightful health links and information, recipes and generally fun ideas to try in your own kitchen.   The group is active on twitter and hosts Twitter parties, most recently the #WineWithChicken which allowed Twitter followers to share some of their favourite family recipes for cooking chicken while learning some great new ideas from each other, and from suggestions made by the Chicken Farmers of Canada.

Visit for some very ‘unboring’ recipes to spice up your weekly meal plan.   The staff at ShesConnected loved the economical and tasty “Chicken Meatball Appetizers” which are definitely going to be part of their entertaining menu over the holiday’s.   The Chipotle Marmalade Chicken with Quinoa was a hit with two staffers who were looking for new gluten free grown-up recipes.   We recommend this recipe to our own readers as a great dinner party main course.  It’s affordable and easy to make with a minimum mess and fuss, and it looks and tastes incredible!

Since the Chicken Farmers of Canada are such a friendly bunch we invite you to jump-right-in and engage them on Twitter.  You’ll find they are full of fabulous cooking ideas and links for healthy eating using quality produced Canadian Chicken.   They also really love the feedback and questions.